Jyn Takes Gold at the 2016 Pan Ams

along comes Jyn. A very seasoned Athlete who's competed in well over 20 tournaments with more than 50 matches to her name. Winning the Pans and Worlds were goals she had set out some time ago, but she's always fallen a bit short. Jyn and Martin (husband) joined our family as purple belts in 2014. Before joining us Jyn was in the midst of a 15 match-losing streak. Three months after joining our team, she went out and dominated her first two opponents at the world championships but once again fell short of capturing gold. At the time, we were all happy the losing streak had ended but she felt she hadn't really fulfilled what she had set out to do. Over the next 18 months, Jyn won some local tournaments fought great in the Pans and Worlds in 2015 (finishing 2nd in both) and was promoted to brown belt at the end of the year. As her Journey continues, she's preparing to write a new chapter.


 Many times in competition, your first match is not against an opponent per se. Sometimes we say, " don't let your 1st match be against the scale " (struggling to make weight). This wouldn’t be a problem for Jyn because she's always competed at a weight class above her weight. (Usually 15 to 20 pound difference)

Sometimes it's against YOURSELF I'm sure many can relate with the following common sayings:

“What if I lose?”
“I don't want to let the team down?”
You guys put so much time into me and if I lose I will feel terrible.

As I tell all my students preparing for competition, “I'm very proud that you are willing to go out there and put it on the line and learn a lot about yourself and represent us.”  I felt this tournament Jyn had no reason to put any added pressure on herself. She had just received her brown belt 6 months Prior to the tournament, and like always, she's competing in a weight class above her natural weight. In my eyes, Jyn handled her 1st match like a champion. She came in mentally prepared and very focused. It was apparent Jyn would not be denied that day. She kept that focus and intention until the final bell of her final match. To hear Jyn’s take on her awesome day check out her video.