Family Spotlight // The Abad Family

  1. What were you looking for in a new gym?

    We came in looking for a Muay Thai program for my youngest, Tre.  I was also curious about the fitness classes and how they could work for us (since they’re run simultaneously with the kids classes).

  1. Who in your family is a member at Evolve Training Center?

    There’s me:  I try to get 4-5 sessions in per week

    Jenn:  She gets 2-3 fitness boxing sessions in per week.

Cameron comes in 5-6 days per week and frequently does multiple each visit

    Tre:  He’s in 4-5 days training Muay Thai and BJJ

  1. What classes do you and your family attend?

    All/Most of them (see above)

  1. Does the schedule at ETC allow you and your family to train around the same time?

    Yes, I think this is one of the best features of the schedule.  

  1. How long have you been a part of Evolve Training Center?

    We’ve been a part of the ETC family for about 1 year now.